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Prizma - a Wikipedia Offline Reader

Keep a copy of Wikipedia with you. Wherever you go. Open the iPhone App and Articles around you appear. Search, scroll and swipe through one of the most amazing collections of knowledge.

In the Box

Language packs are build from Wikipedia, using 12 separate processing steps. Data is cleaned, stripped, striped and refined before being send out to you. For now there's simply text, tables, mathematical equations, places, no templates.

Instant Render

Match our speed. There's no other renderer as fast as ours. Give it a try


things first. After installing the App, connect to Wifi and download a language pack. Sizes vary from 6GB for english to 2GB for german and less for all other languages.


While images are not included, they are loaded using an internet connection whenever articles are read. They are cached and continue to display even without internet.

We want offline images all the way too, but it's not time yet. After all the german image-pack would need over 37GB with each article only having a single image.

Bezel Gesture

When having opened a lot of pages it can take quite some swipes to go back to the search. Grab all open pages at once by swiping over the edge of your screen left to right and go back to the search instantly.


Find Downloads, Updates and Settings by tapping the language button on the left side of the search bar.


See Formulas, Equations, Symbols and Special Mathematical Notations. Beautifully rendered vector math.

Rows & Columns

See Listings, Tables and lot's of data embedded in articles. Tables get all the space they deserve in their own view.